The Drones Shop LLC. is company made up of racing drone enthusiasts that build custom FPV Racing Drones and sell FPV Racing Drone Accessories. We offer both custom built professional racing drones for the expert racer and custom built FPV racing drones for the novice hobbyist in an easy to find manner on our website. All of our custom FPV Racing drones are built to the highest quality and come with complete information on each racing drone. All drones are built in the United States by racing professionals that are in the drone racing industry.
custom built fpv racing drones
The Drones Shop LLC. also build drones for commercial use such as Police Drones, Farming Drones, Real Estate Drones, Firefighter Drones, Land Surveying Drones, Waterproof Drones, FPV Hobby Drones, Paparazzi Drones, Agricultural Drones, Beach Patrol Drones, Lifeguard Drones, Movie Making Drones, Search and Rescue Drones. We are a drone company that builds custom drones with a passion for building great drone products.


The Drones Shop was founded on a basic principle: offer high quality custom built FPV Racing drones and accessories for the client who is looking to have the best FPV Racing drone available on todays ever changing marketplace. We bring the highest quality custom built FPV racing drones to our clients for the best user racing experiences.


Great FPV racing drone products are not only aesthetically pleasing but should also easy to use. All of our FPV Racing drones come with written instructions and documentation to provide a great user experience that buyers will remember. All drones are flight tested before being shipped to clients to ensure they are working correctly.


The Drones Shop is the brainchild of Matt Tatem, who has 16 years of experience working in the web industry and 2 years working in the drones industry. The Drones Shop will be the leader in custom FPV Racing drones for every class of drone racer and drones user enter into the FPV Drone Racing marketplace.

The Drones Shop Team

Matt Tatem CEO The Drones Shop

Matt Tatem

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Tatem is one of the CEO's of The Drones Shop and has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. His forward thinking, internet and website skills give him the knowledge and foresight to move The Drones Shop into the future. He is also an electronics engineer and a network engineer.

Sharon Tatem The Drones Shop

Sharon Tatem

Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Tatem is CFO of The Drones Shop and has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. She is a licensed Realtor and has sold millions of dollars of real estate. She has managed numerous online businesses.